With UNIFIL® 15 you can provide for clean air in your workshop easily. 

UNIFIL® 15 does not have unnecessary rotating drums, high-cost smoke eliminators, high-maintenance backflush systems, or the like, with which old-fashioned centrifugal filters are equipped. Therefore, UNIFIL® 15 cleans the air more reliable, efficient, and cost-saving.

Our new mist collector features latest technology and shows high performance at low operating costs for only 2.480 Euro.*

UNIFIL® 15 comes from one of Germany's leading quality manufacturer of customer-oriented air filtration solutions and innovations: ILT Industrie-Luftfiltertechnik.

Just install, switch on, and manufacture without oil mist, emulsion mist, or smoke – safely, reliably, and effectively.

Air filtration technology by us is engineered and manufactured in Germany for over 25 years and applied in all industries – worldwide.

UNIFIL® 15 is unrivalled regarding cost-benefit and manufacturing quality.
Convince yourself!

* (non-binding, plus VAT)